Asensio says Zidane changed the match against Betis

Eight goals were scored in the match Betis – Real Madrid , where the latter triumphed 5-3.
Real Betis – Real Madrid, was interesting and very difficult for Los Blancos, who finally got three points thanks to the 5-3 win.

Marco Asensio was one of the best in this match with two goals. The Spaniard says Zinedine Zidane changed the team in the first half break, Real Madrid was losing 2-1.

“We used the first half break in the dressing rooms and corrected some things,” said Asensio, who scored the 6,000 Real Madrid goal in La Liga, the first club in history that achieves this record.

“The changes were seen in the second half, we covered the spaces and controlled the game. In the recent challenges we have improved significantly, honestly, “the Spaniard added.