Bonucci: “Gattuso has transformed Milan”

Bonucci thinks Milan is another team after the arrival of Gattuso.
Milan has continued with the good form in 2018, after a great 1-0 home win against Sampdoria.

This victory puts Milan in seventh place with 41 points.

The goal of the Reds is the Champions League, they are seven points away from the Champions League, fourth place held by Inter. Leonardo Bonucci believes that with Gennaro Gattuso  is possible to enter Chapions League zone.

“We were not a team before him, today we are better and physically, has transformed this team,” said Captain Sky Sport Italia.

“Since Gattuso has come, we’ve changed completely. Good team is formed, we are in shape and all this thanks to Gattuso. We have made a great step forward and we must continue this way, “Bonucci added