Authorities won’t punish Pique

The Spanish FA’s Competition Committee have decided not to punish Gerard Pique, after investigating the comments he made following the Catalan derby against Espanyol.

The official body have declared that players should have freedom of expression.

But they have also criticised the 31-year-old for labelling Los Periquitos as “Espanyol de Cornella”.

“[The comments] were clumsy, untimely and unfortunate,” said a file that MARCA has had access to.

“They are not a model of discretion and do little to help consolidate the sport as a space apart from social confrontation.

“Whether or not they reflect reality, they can nourish confrontation and this is proved by the denunciation of Espanyol, Cornella City Council and LaLiga.”

On their part, Espanyol claimed that Pique’s comments would have sparked confrontation, due to their allegedly provocative content.