Discover Paul Pogba’s private jet for 20M €

Paul Pogba cruises the globe aboard a Gulfstream G280 jet

The Manchester United midfielder may not be the owner like other sportsmen, but it is on board that he moves; to come from Turin to Manchester, to his transfer in 2016, for his holidays in the United States, with his buddy Romelu Lukaku or for his promotional tours to the needs of adidas … Length of 20.3m and a wingspan of 19, 2m, the dimensions are huge, it can accommodate up to 10 guests and two crew members. Fast, it approaches the 850km / h in cruising speed, but only loop « only » 6,600km with full. This is less than other rolls of the same register.

In Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has the same
Inside everything is luxurious and ultra-comfortable, with one or more beds, depending on the configuration and white leather seats and chairs. This Gulfstream G280 is worth nearly 20 million euros. It is a model appreciated by other footballers, including the Portuguese striker, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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