The only player who has won the six most important trophies in the world!

A multitude of players became legends, but one of them eclipsed the others by this unique fact achieved before an ‘early’ retirement.

Ronaldinho, touched by a magic wand, enamelled the grounds of his class, arrived at the top but did not want to stay there.


During his career, the Brazilian managed to conquer all types of trophies. He excelled with PSG, touched the sky with Barça, shone in Brazil and reappeared to triumph in South America.

Here is a brief summary of a flamboyant course, which saw him perform a sextupled that no one else could do until then. Ronaldinho is the only one who can claim to have won a World Cup, a Copa America, a Confederations Cup, a Champions League, a Copa Libertadores and finally a Golden Ball. The six most important trophies that a Brazilian can aspire.

In terms of importance of the titles acquired, few players equal the Brazilian, who is one of the only footballers to have won the most important tournaments of the two most prestigious continents of football, namely the Champions League and Copa Libertadores. A historic success within the reach of a few privileged.