Roman Abramovich becomes Israeli citizen

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• Abramovich was denied UK entrance to visa issues

• Israeli citizenship can help him return to London

• The Chelsea owner is now Israel’s richest citizen

Abramovich had no opportunity to watch his Chelsea team beat Manchster United in the FA Cup final as his visa renewal was delayed by British authorities.

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The given situation is a corollary to a Russian-British conflict that was rekindled last year as double agent Sergei Skripal was poisoned in Salisbury, UK with either country refusing to accept the blame.

And According to an Israeli government spokesperson, Abramovich has been granted Israeli citizenship on Monday: “He filed a request to receive an immigration permit, his documents were checked according to the Law of Return, and he was indeed found eligible.”

The Law of Return is a program that ‘grants citizenship to any Jewish person’ wishing to move to Israel. Abramovich, born in Russia, is Jewish. The Israeli citizenship could make it easier for him to return to the UK.