When 13 million euros a year do not change him as a person – PSG star surprised his country with his modesty

World football stars have can live “on another planet”, but this does not apply for Edinson Cavan.
Cavani is not like the most of football players, as he has proved this during a recent visit to his hometown, Salto, where he appeared as any other Uruguayan.

The media in Uruguay have photographed the Paris Saint-Germain star in different places, displaying his modest part in the home country.

In a world away from expensive modeling clothes like in Paris, Cavani is dressed like any other Saltos resident and using public transport on the road to Montevideo to join their teammates in the national team.

He greeted Saltos citizens as he entered the bus, pointing out that money did not change him as a person.

Cavani is paid 13 million euros a year in PSG, only Kylain Mbappe and Neymar are earn more than him in PSG.