Courtois: Hazard must be there too

After selling Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, Real Madrid are now looking for a solid replacement. Chelsea’s Eden Hazard has been pretty high on their wish-list as he talked to HLN on the matter after Belgium’s win against England in the Fifa World Cup, here is what he had to say:

“Future? After six wonderful seasons at Chelsea it might be the right time for me to discover something else. Let’s see as the World Cup is now over for us. I can decide to stay at Chelsea or leave but it will be up to the blues to make the final decision on the matter. Let’s see if they want me to stay or not. Destination? You know my preferred team…”.

Courtois also spoke to the press after the game (via Express), here is what he said: “I will talk to the new coach to see what the possibilities are. All the possibilities are still open and I could also stay at Chelsea. I enjoy being in London. Hazard? Wherever I go, Hazard must be there too. Let’s see…”.