Douglas Costa gets six-match ban?

According to Corriere dello Sport front page, Douglas Costa risks a heavy ban after his incident with Federico Di Francesco. The Brazilian winger could face a 3-match ban, if the elbow he gave to Di Francesco is going to be investigated too then the ruling could reach 6-match ban. The ruling about this incident will arrive today.

Douglas Costa has been under heavy criticism from everyone after his shameful incident with Sassuolo’s Di Francesco. The Juventus winger elbowed him in the face in the first incident. In the second one he spat on his face after a rough challenge between the two players.

After the match, Douglas Costa apologized about his actions and he still defended himself as he said that people don’t know what they’re talking about and what Di Francesco told him. Costa knows that is actions were wrong by all means and that there is no justification to his reactions. Douglas Costa will be hoping that the ruling today will settle the issue and that there will be less talking about it.