Poll reveals most popullar and most hated teams in Italy

According to an interactive poll conducted by Statista – European Football Benchmark focused on Italian football, Juventus is the most loved club in Italy and has the greatest number of fans, but it is also Italy’s second most hated club after Inter.

The data was obtained by polling 3,003 football fans in Italy.

Approximately 34 million Italians are interested in football, and 33 million of them cheer for at least one Serie A team (based on the current season). 37% of them (19 million) are avid fans who inform themselves and read articles several times a week.

The level of neutrality is least prominent among the big clubs and naturally you will see polarized results between love and hate.

By combining a favourite team with a team you like, the poll reveals that Juventus has the highest sympathizers at 49%, followed by Napoli and Roma, each with 37%. The other clubs that follow are Milan (35%), Fiorentina (34%), Inter (33%) and Atalanta (31%) at the top of the class in this combined classification.

Juventus boasts the largest percentage of fans with 39%, while at the same time, are second behind Inter for most hated team at 38%. It is also the club that evokes the biggest reaction, seeing as only 12% of the respondents were neutral about the Turin based club.

Meanwhile, Inter have the highest percentage of the most hated team at 40%, followed by Milan who is third at (32%) and Naples fourth at (30%).