Allegri: Ronaldo is in great form, he never asked for a rest

Juventus Coach Massimiliano Allegri singles out Paulo Dybala for praise and confirms Ronaldo ‘never asks for taking a rest’.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Mandzukic are developing an impressive partnership, but the Tuscan is keen not to leave out La Joya from that equation.

“They did well on Tuesday,” Allegri replied, when asked about CR7 and Mandzukic in his pre-Fiorentina Press conference.

“Those two, but Dybala too. He’s scoring less, but he links the play and he often gets us out of difficult situations because he has a a lot of technique.

“He’s improving in that respect, and he’s very important for us.

“It’s just a question of characteristics. Ronaldo and Mandzukic need space further forward, then a third has to move into the space they leave, whether that’s Paulo or a midfielder.

“As for his growth, I’ve always said that he has to be an all-round player in certain games. He’s not scoring like last year, but in terms of the team’s play his crucial.

“It’s not that his role has changed, it’s just that before we only had one up-front, which was [Gonzalo] Higuain.

“Now we have two. With the characteristics of those two players, it’s normal we need someone to link things.

“Paulo always plays the same way, but now we have one more striker and one less in the middle of the pitch.

“Then Ronaldo’s characteristics mean he sometimes approaches the goal in a different way.”

“Ronaldo? He is in great form at this moment, he never asked to take a rest.’

There will be Serie A matches on Boxing Day this year, will it be difficult to keep the team going across the holiday period?

“The thing that’s a bit strange is that we’ll go to Bergamo on December 25. We’ll be training on the 24th and 25th, so we’ll try to eat as little pandoro as possible.

“Not least because it’s cold in Bergamo on December 26 and we risk stuffing ourselves. So we’ll try to avoid it, for the sake our our health.

“But before we get there we need to sort things out with Inter, Fiorentina, and then Torino, which is the derby and always complicated.”

It was then put to the Coach that his team needs to be more clinical.

“I don’t think it’s a question of being clinical, I think we have the best attack in the league,” Allegri pointed out.

“Until now we haven’t managed to win a game 4-0, if that’s what perfection is. Aside from that perfection doesn’t exist and I don’t want it.

“The team must continue to improve because we need to raise the bar, every day each and every one of us must ask more from himself, because you can’t just maintain your level, if you try to you just get worse.

“We need to improve and be aware that up to now we haven’t done anything. Then we’ll see the truth later.

“Scudetti are won in May, the Champions League in June. We need to keep going with balance, without getting carried away by these results, so we can arrive in March in the best physical and, above all, mental condition.

“We know Napoli and Inter are always there, because we still need to play Inter twice and Napoli once. There’s a big difference between three points and one point, and it’s in those moments you can throw away a lead.

“We work, and we’re aware that tomorrow is an important round because we, Napoli and Inter are playing difficult games.

“Then the next one will be important too, because to win the league you need a certain number of wins. Our objective is to be top of the table on December 29, hopefully with a big points advantage.”

A big subject in Italy in recent weeks has been the abuse from the stands, and Juve are sure to find a hostile atmosphere tomorrow.

“It’s something that’s found generally in Italy. [Carlo] Ancelotti has spoken about it, I’ve spoken about it and other Coaches have spoken about it.

“It’s a matter of sporting education. Sport in general is wonderful, football even more so because it attracts millions and millions of people.

“Rivalry is essential, but it has to be a healthy rivalry and that’s what we need to improve on in Italy.

“It’s right to cheer for your team, the lads need it, but everything else must be lived in another way. Maybe we’re getting there slowly, we’ve certainly improved, but rules are needed.”