Ibrahimovic: I don’t need a trophy to feel the most valuable, I’m the MVP of MSL


The LA Galaxy star spoke about the MVP trophy and confessed that it’s not something important, as he already feels like the most valuable player of the season.

The LA Galaxy is getting ready for the game where they will host Houston Dynamo on week eight of the MLS and captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic during Wednesday press conference talked about the start he’s having to the season.

Ibrahimovic referred to himself as the MVP of the American league when questioned about the importance of winning the trophy, while bluntly saying that it’s not important to win it.

Something Zlatan said because he assures he’s already the Most Valuable Player in the MLS and that’s why he doesn’t need a trophy.


“You don’t need a trophy to feel the most valuable, I am the MVP without having the MVP,” he sentenced.

Zlatan’s role with LA Galaxy

The Swede captain mentioned that his role is to help the team; therefore it’s necessary to score as much as possible, “I have to score the most goals when the ball comes my way, that’s why I’m here,” Ibrahimovic concluded.R