‘Suarez’s kick to Robertson was more a tangle of legs’

There was uproar about Luis Suarez and whether he intentionally kicked backwards to injure Andy Robertson.

For me, this was more of a tangle of legs.

Robertson, who was very active in trying to provoke Barcelona’s players, caught his opponent who was goal-side of him.

VAR will have looked at this to see if there was anything violent in the tangle of legs but there was not.

Robertson was also involved in an incident with Messi, when he pushed the Barca man in the back of the head with two hands.

If referee Cuneyt Cakir had seen it, then a yellow would have been shown. VAR will have looked to see if the contact deserved red, but will have seen it was merely a push and not violent.

VAR doesn’t get involved in missed yellows so did not tell Cakir, one of the best in the world, about it.