From Messi to Valverde, this was a historic failure

Barcelona’s defeat against Liverpool will be remembered like the other European disappointments of Seville, Athens and Rome, but surely this one will hurt even more.

This was a historic failure, from top to bottom.

It was a failure because they had a 3-0 advantage, because Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino were out, because Jordi Alba made so many mistakes, because of the lack of awareness at the fourth goal, because of many things.

Liverpool were much better, but Barcelona were poor and blame will be shared around.

Of course, Ernesto Valverde will be scrutinised for his inability to find a solution.

Lionel Messi too will be judged for not scoring the kinds of goals at Anfield that he has been doing throughout the season.

It was a historic failure and it won’t be easy for Barcelona to forget.