Florenzi: Ronaldo is the Ballon d’Or and has the right to do everything he did

Alessandro Florenzi wants Roma to end the season with “heads held high and no regrets,” explaining his Cristiano Ronaldo row and special celebration.

The captain opened the scoring in the 2-0 victory over Juventus with a precise dink over Wojciech Szczesny, then Edin Dzeko sealed the scoreline in stoppages.

“We can’t look at the table now, but focus only on giving our all in these remaining two games, the way we did this evening, and try to get six points. Then we’ll see where we are,” Florenzi told Roma TV.

“It’s not the season we wanted, for many reasons, but we have to end with our heads held high and no regrets. When the final match against Parma has concluded, we’ll look each other in the eye and know we’ve given our all.”

It was a tough game this evening, as Antonio Mirante and the woodwork kept Roma in it until the late flurry of goals from Florenzi and Edin Dzeko.

“We stayed in the game and knew it wouldn’t be easy to beat Juve, as it never is. We played to win, but also trying not to lose. The Coach made wise choices today and I think Cengiz Under’s introduction was fundamental, so I’m very happy for him. We really missed him during his injury.”

Just before Florenzi’s goal, he got into an argument with Cristiano Ronaldo, who caught on camera saying: ‘You’re too short to talk.’

It seems there is no love lost between the two players.

“We’d put the ball out of play twice so someone could get treatment and twice he played it. We could’ve gone on the counter with Kolarov in the first half, but we put it out of play, because that’s the kind of people we are.

“He’s the Ballon d’Or and has the right to do everything he did. I say and do a lot of dumb things on the pitch too, but it stays there.”

Florenzi also spoke to Sky Sport Italia and revealed how he felt rushing to embrace the fans under the Curva Sud.

“I really relished that hug with the fans, as I think I deserved it. For once in my life, I am thinking of me right now. I think I deserve it because I work from morning to night. My best friend, who is an electrician, makes fun of me, but I genuinely see this as a job and I have to work at it.

“We have to believe, but if we finish fifth, sixth or seventh, we must have the courage to admit this was not Roma’s year.”

Florenzi also revealed where the goal celebration came from.

“I want to say hello to my wife and daughter at home, as I promised I’d do Spiderman and I finally managed it.”