Higuaín’s diet helping him to maintain 75kg weight

The Argentine striker has returned to his best form at Juventus thanks to Maurizio Sarri’s confidence in him and his diet that keeps him at 75kg.

After two unproductive loan spells at AC Milan and Chelsea, Gonzalo Higuaín is back at Juventus and back to his best. The club, prior to Maurizio Sarri’s arrival, didn’t believe that the Argentine could offer a solution anymore. Sarri, however, believes in the striker’s ability still. The manager coached him at Napoli and at Chelsea and is they are back together for a third time at a third different club.


So far, he has scored two goals in Serie A and another in the Champions League. Slowly, the fans, who once criticised the player heavily, are starting to warm back up to him. Players like Mario Mandzukic, who have been at the front and centre of Juventus’ success recently, have taken a back seat and the club are studying a departure for the Croatian in winter.

Higuain’s resurrection is due to a number of factors. The first is the confidence Sarri transmits to him. The Argentine understands completely how Sarri’s team works and how he works in it. A very precise manager, Higuain understands the mechanisms of his plans and it is proving improtant so far to his re-settling in Turin. Many other players have been enjoying their work under Sarri too.


Another important factor is the improvement is his diet. The 31-year-old is maintaining a weight of 75kg thanks to a very strict diet. According to La Stampa, this diet has allowed him to lose two or three extra kilos he was carrying. Watching his food choices has been key.

His contract expires in 2021 and his intention is to renew despite the very real possibility of returning to River Plate. But for now, the best version of Pipita is back and there’s more to come from him this season as Juventus look to win another Scudetto and launch another raid on the Champions League.