‘If I didn’t do it, I’d be injured now’ – Neymar discusses diving with Ronaldo

Neymar has admitted to Ronaldo Nazario that his tendency to go down rather easily under a foul is a means of protection, in order to avoid injury.

The player’s father has previously said as much, and Neymar himself has validated the claims.

“Your playing style has been controversial more than once,” Ronaldo said to the Paris Saint-Germain forward in a conversation for YouTube channel Other.

“But I spoke to your father and he said you do it so you don’t injure yourself, because of your body.

“He told me that it’s to defend yourself physically, and since you were thinner than everyone the best way to do that was to fall easier.

“Let them say what they want.”

Neymar agreed with what his father had said to and through the ex-No.9.

“If I didn’t do it, I’d be injured now,” Neymar said in response.

“You have to protect yourself because nobody is going to do it for you.”