Laporta: It’s Barcelona’s fault that El Clasico was postponed

Joan Laporta has accused Barcelona of being responsible for the postponement of El Clasico.

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which was supposed to be held on October 26, was postponed due to the Catalan political crisis.

“I think this match had to be played, they didn’t give exceptional circumstances to change the date,” Laporta said.

“These matches require security devices because it’s a match with a lot of rivalry that everyone watches and always has been, therefore I don’t think there were circumstances to postpone it. I would’ve played it.

“Yes, [I would’ve played] the game on Saturday because if Real Madrid wanted to play then I don’t see the problem. The sectors wanted to magnify what was happening, for political reasons.

“[Barcelona] were mistaken because they criminalised a movement and put politics ahead of a football match that always has political connotations. It’s always been like this.

“They’ve played a game with the sectors that rule football to make people from Barcelona and everyone look bad. LaLiga made a strong move for it not to be played. They got it from their mother, they magnified it.

“There was no spark that weekend. Even at a footballing level, because Barcelona were interested in playing. This criminalises Catalans and people from Barcelona.

“Barcelona-Real Madrid always goes further, Real Madrid didn’t object to playing. It’s a huge error that heats up the atmosphere and magnifies the problem more.

“Barcelona had to have planned for October 26 because if not, you’re going to help magnify this. The majority of people in Catalonia are peaceful.

“Safety has always been guaranteed in these matches. Barcelona were in a position to plan, and even more so when Real Madrid didn’t object to it.

“LaLiga had political interests to magnify a certain situation and exaggerate what happened. It’s the worst way of get past what is happening.

“Barcelona are guilty in this situation. People are being criminalised and this is an error.”