Bonucci claims Ronaldo isn’t at his best at the moment but they are helping him

Juventus captain Leonardo Bonucci discussed Cristiano Ronaldo and his current position at the Bianconeri whilst at the presentation of his book, My friend Leo. He spoke to Italian media outlet Sky Sports via

“This month physically he is not at the top, but a team when they see Ronaldo on the pitch already begin to tremble. He’s an added value, then there are the other two that are great. Now we enjoy them hoping that the whole squad will be at the top from March onwards.”

He then touched on the Bianconeri squad’s relationship with the 34-year-old Portuguese star.

“Helping Ronaldo? We are doing it, trying to be totally available to his strengths because doing well we can exalt his gifts.”

The Bianconeri are top of the league table after 13 games, but are only one point ahead of rivals Inter. Juventus’ next game is against Sassuolo on Sunday.