‘For me Messi & Ronaldo are at the same level for 15 years’ – Matic on 2 talents


Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic talked about two football talents Messi and Ronaldo in an interview, he said these two are at the same level for many years but his son prefers Cristiano.

“If you ask my son, Cristiano,” he laughed.

“They are different. Ronaldo, of course, he has talent, but most of his success he made because of his hard work.

“Messi is talented. I’m not saying that he didn’t work, for sure he worked, but they are different.

“For me it’s hard to say who is the best. I think over the last 15 years they are both the best.


“Some people may say Messi, some Cristiano, but for me they are at the same level for 15 years.

“What they are doing is very hard, to keep that level for 15 years, it’s not easy to be the best.

“I don’t know who is better from those two players, but I am sure both of them are maybe the best players in football history.”