Arthur: Messi helped me a lot since I arrived, he never put pressure on anyone


A Brazilian Youtuber interviewed Arthur when the Brazilian midfielder doing his recoveries at his hometown during Christmas holiday.

“Messi helped me a lot since I arrived, especially talking about me in an interview, that was very good”, Arthur said, “I admire him not only for his performance on the field but for everything because he never wants to have any privilege and just be himself. He could impose everything, but he doesn’t, he never put pressure on anyone. It seems reserved, but in privacy, it is an exceptional type.”

Arthur confessed, “I almost failed to sign with Barcelona. It was a very complicated negotiation because Gremio wanted more money, and I understand it because I was there since 14 and they invested time and money on me.

“The signing was done probably because of the good relationship I had with Gremio. They understood it was my illusion.”

Talking about the 0-4 loss against Liverpool in May, he said, “it’s still hard to talk about it, we wondered what had happened even after many days and we still couldn’t find an answer.

“It was so unexpected, it has no explanation. We had done everything perfectly, we had it very close, but we still don’t know how it happened.”

Talking about his life in Barcelona, he said, “Barcelona is a wonderful city, you can do almost everything here, the amount of tourists has told you. I have my family here. We hug each other together in the locker room since day one.”