Real Madrid’s double reinforcement

Real Madrid have been reinforced by the new Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia. They’ve won the first official title of the season and they did so without their three main forwards. The team is still growing its style of play and improving its defensive solidity. With each passing day, the feeling grows that Zinedine Zidane is capable of building a victorious second dynasty with a squad that was recently looked down at. His incredible nine wins from nine finals are cause for concern for others teams because they add to the legend and show that Real Madrid have a new-found confidence.

In addition to their own reinforcement, Real Madrid’s two main rivals are left sunk. It’s like a double reinforcement. Atletico Madrid go home with the phycological blow of losing another final on penalties despite having the best goalkeeper in the world. They played well again and executed their plan of deactivating their opponent, although Diego Simeone’s plan with the ball still lacked something. They should try to go out to win a final from the first minute instead of hoping not to lose it and waiting for a mistake from the opponent. The departure of Rodri has left a hold in the middle in the construction of Atletico’s play and the coach hasn’t been able to fix this. Atletico Madrid lack goals, but also they lack a lot of football.

For Barcelona, their situation is even more serious. One defeat has caused an institutional crisis which threatens to cost the coach his job and further reduce the scarce prestige that remained with the board. The dressing room is too comfortable and the players evade their responsibility as they wait for Lionel Messi to come to the rescue again. It’ll come back to bite them at some point. It seems difficult to manage a squad with such talent any worse.