First “El Classico” in USA, confirmed!

Football is growing fast in United States of America and this can be seen also by players that play in MLS at the moment that also have played for well known clubs in Europe.

As we know the best sport event in USA is the Superbowl, and now there is an intention to make another sport event on the level of Superbowl and this might be only the “El Classico’ between Barcelona and Real Madrid. So, for this case the company called “Sport Relevant” has started the preparation to organize friendly match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in USA.

Barcelona and Real Madrid will play a preparation match for the upcoming  season (2017/2018) in United States.
According to Mundo Deportivo, the friendly “El Classico” match between Barcelona and Real Madrid will play in Miami on  July 29.

Both teams will be on preparations in United States. for the season 2017/2018 and this will be the first ever “El Clasico” match in United States.

Even though this is friendly match, for all USA fans of football this will be amazing attraction.