Bentancur ‘escaped’ quarantine and flew to Argentina


According to La Repubblica and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Gonzalo Higuain and Rodrigo Bentancur ‘escaped’ quarantine and flew to Argentina, despite two Juventus teammates testing positive for coronavirus.

La Repubblica’s online edition claims that police stopped Higuain at the Caselle Airport in Turin as he tried to board a private jet, where he showed them a test that confirmed he was negative for COVID-19.

However, as the disease has such a long incubation period and two teammates – Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi – tested positive, Higuain should be ordered to stay in self-isolation for at least another week.


La Gazzetta dello Sport then added to the story, suggesting Bentancur was on the flight with Higuain and their respective families.

They showed the certification confirming a negative status for coronavirus, so were allowed to fly out of Italy.

From there, they managed to get a regular flight to South America, it’s reported.