Jovic father: My son doesn’t lie, I can guarantee him obeys regulations imposed


Luka Jovic’s father has come out in the face of accusations that the Real Madrid striker ignored the quarantine imposed by the Serbian authorities in Belgrade because of the coronavirus crisis.

This is a measure that can be punished with jail.

“I don’t know if it’s a campaign against my son,” Milan Jovic said in a statement in the Novosti newspaper.

“Regardless of what people think, I can guarantee that my son obeys the regulations imposed.

“He doesn’t leave his home, except to go to the supermarket to buy food.”

In Belgrade, it has been published that Jovic travelled to Serbia with the permission of Real Madrid to spend time in isolation with his family, but that he skipped it to attend the birthday of his girlfriend, Sofia Milosevic.

“I know this from my daughter, who is with him,” Milan Jovic explained.

“We are constantly in touch and my children don’t lie to me.

“If I had raised them wrong, they would never have gotten where they are now.

“Luka is good, an educated guy and the media’s image of him is not real.

“It’s like he killed someone.

“He came to Serbia with the club’s permission and did nothing wrong.

“You think this news doesn’t reach Spain? This could affect his career.


“Now we have to prove to Real Madrid that it’s not true and he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Jovic’s father wanted to make it clear that no one in his family questions the actions of the Belgrade government.

“I support the authorities in all the measures taken,” he added.

“Anyone who violates them should be punished.

“But I repeat, my son respects all decisions.

“This is not a situation to be taken as a joke.

“If someone saw him, it was because he went out to buy something he needed.”

Support from Dino Radoncic
Meanwhile, Dino Radoncic, a Serbian-Montenegrin basketball player on loan from Real Madrid at Iberostar Tenerife this season, came to the defence of Jovic.

“This guy has a son in Serbia,” he stated.

“It is normal that he wants to travel to his home.

“Celebrating a birthday by going to a party is impossible because in Serbia there is also a state of emergency.

“Skipping the quarantine there by partying is also impossible, because there aren’t any [parties]…”