Laporta’s change of heart on European Super League

Joan Laporta appears to have changed his mind over whether he wants Barcelona to be involved in a European Super League.

The Catalan club, which he now presides over, are one of 12 teams to have announced their decision to break away from the Champions League.

However, during his campaign trail earlier this year, Laporta was asked about the prospect of a European Super League. Barcelona’s involvement had been agreed by his predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“I think the European Super League is killing the football industry,” Laporta told COPE.

“It’s just a question of money. But that’s my personal opinion and it’s from what I’ve read from what’s come out about it.

“I have very little detailed information about how the competition will be organised. But I’m more of the view that money isn’t everything.”

Laporta also suggested alternatives to a European Super League, including an expanded Club World Cup and an international World Cup every two years.