Lionel Messi’s father attacks his son’s critics after the latter won the “Golden Ball”


Lionel Messi’s father has responded to critics asking why Messi won the ‘Golden Ball’ on Monday.

The PSG star won the ‘Golden Ball’ seventh on Monday, increasing his lead over Cristiano Ronaldo to 7-5 with this award.

Messi won the first major trophy for his nation in 2021 after Argentina defeated Brazil in the Copa América final.

He also left Barcelona for PSG that summer.


However, the right choice for many for the 2021 edition seemed to be Bayern Munich and Poland striker Robert Lewandowski.

He scored 41 goals in 29 Bundesliga games last year and has 14 in 13 games now this season.


Both Lewandowski, Chelsea’s Jorginho and Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema are also believed to be more worthy than the Argentine. After Messi won, a debate erupted over the credibility of the ‘Golden Ball’.

The player’s father, Jorge Messi has posted a photo on his Instagram, of his son holding up the trophy.

He wrote and used sarcasm: “Blah blah blah… keep crying.”

It is clear that he did not take very kindly the suggestions that his son was not the rightful winner in this case.

The coach, Pep Guardiola, also sided with the Argentine player.