Mourinho disappointed with football in Italy, advises the star of the team to leave Rome


Jose Mourinho’s return to Serie A is looking more difficult than expected.

His Roma lost again, where this time they were defeated on the trip to Bologna with a minimum score of 1-0.

After the match Special One talked about the loss, congratulating the opponent for the full points and congratulating his players for the fighting spirit.

“Congratulations to the Bologna team, the coach and his players. “They really played a great game, they fought to get three points at home.”

“I also congratulate my sons, who gave everything against everyone, above all with the injuries we received and with some episodes against. “I am with them,” said Mourinho.


Special One has further advised Roma star Nicolo Zaniolo to leave Serie A, as he feels sorry for what he is experiencing.


Mourinho has alluded to the numerous fouls committed at Zaniolon, which had caused him to have two very serious injuries.

“I also speak against myself. “If I were to replace Zaniolo, I would really start thinking about not playing that long in Serie A, because I feel bad for what he has to suffer,” said Mourinho.


“As for my personal situation and the yellow card, I do not need to comment on it,” Mourinho concluded after the match.