Chelsea are rewarding Mendy with a new contract and double the salary


Edouard Mendy is definitely one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.

The Senegalese goalkeeper has shown extraordinary form after the transfer to Chelsea and is an undisputed starter.

The 29-year-old joined Chelsea last summer for 24 million euros from the French team Rennes.

Seeing the fantastic form he is going through, Chelsea has prepared a new contract for the Senegalese, where there will be a salary increase.

Mendy currently earns mijë 50,000 a week, or a salary of 4 2.4 million a year.



The media in England have reported that the Londoners have offered Mendy a new contract where his salary will be doubled.

Out of the 50 thousand he earns per week, Mendy with the new contract will receive 100 thousand pounds per week or 4.8 million pounds per year.

Yet many of Chelsea fans have reported that the Senegalese deserves much more, as reserve goalkeeper Keppa Arrizabalaga has a salary of around eight million a year.