Cassano erupts: It is not a scandal if Messi wins the ‘Golden Ball’, it is a scandal that Cannavaro and Sammer have won


The awarding of the largest individual prize for ‘Golden Ball’ footballers continues to be widely discussed.

Lionel Messi won it for this year, as he defeated Robert Lewandowski in the race who remained in second place.

Many have called this triumph of Messi a scandal, but there are also those who have defended the best footballer in history.

Former Real Madrid striker Antonio Cassano has spoken in a relationship with Bobo Vier, saying it is never a scandal when this award is won by Leo Messi.


Cassano thinks the same as Messi that in 2020 the ‘Golden Ball’ should have been awarded to Lewandowski, while he called it scandalous how his former teammate in Italy and Real Madrid, Fabio Cannavaro or the German Mattias Sammer, won this award.


“We have often said it here and Messi has said it in the hall in front of thousands of people, repeating that Lewandowski should be given the ‘Golden Ball’ of 2020. Beyond that, I have read and heard how to give the ‘Golden Ball’ for “Messin was a scandal.”


“But I say scandals are different. For example, they gave Sammer of Cannavaro, but not Maldin. “Sammer and Cannavaro have done a good month and won it… But together, they do not do even half of all the things Maldini has done,” said Cassano.

The statement of the former Roma striker has made a big fuss in Italy, but Cassano is already used to dealing with various controversies