“Will you marry me” – Shakira was surprised in front of her door


Shakira gets a declaration of love at the door of her house. The family home of the Barcelona singer and footballer has dawned with some graffiti painted on the street, where you can read a series of phrases in English, in favor of the Colombian.

“I love you beautiful”, “I come here for you my love” and “I am ready to marry you and support you”; are some of the messages written in front of the house where the pop star lives, which announced the separation from Pique a few days ago, due to the betrayal of the blaugrana quarterback.

Meanwhile, in Spain, the end of the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to be “investigated” in the media. The breakup has apparently come about due to some betrayals of the Barcelona player. “Telecinco” has contacted Tonino Mebarak, the brother of the pop star, trying to understand the mood of the 45-year-old.


“How is my sister?” “She is going through a divorce, other things are taken for granted, especially those of the emotional and psychological side”, – said the brother. Translated? It is not an easy time for the artist.

Although they never officially became husband and wife (with documents), Shakira and Pique now have to find an agreement for the sake of their children, Milan and Sasha, who are 9 and 6 years old respectively.

It seems that Shakira is determined to leave Spain and return to Miami, where she lived before meeting the defender. An option that Piqué would not like very much, who would not want to be so far away from his children.