Serious accusations from Spain, PSG is harassing six of its players


Journalist Alfredo Relano wrote a comment for PS about “PSG” with the headline “PSG harass Icardi, Kurzawa, Dagba, Kerr and Vijnaldum”. “Real Madrid’s rivals in Europe were Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern. “But there is a fourth, and in the world – PSG,” Relano begins.

“I say global because it seems to me that their conflicts do not happen because of the Champions League, as is the case with Bayern, but because of the desire to be a megabrand of world football. This was the goal of PSG with the trio of Mbape, Messi and Neymar, which are replicas of the original Galacticos of Real Madrid. “That project explains the fight for Mbape,” he said.

“UEFA looks the other way when the French club talks about financial fair play. PSG must pretend to be doing something about it. Pretending to be saving, he decided to get rid of six players who did not fit into the plan of the new director Luis Campos. They are: “Icardi, Draxler, Kurzawa, Dagba, Kerr and Vijnaldum. They, of course, do not want to leave. “Paris is Paris, there are not many clubs that can pay that much,” reads the text of “AS”.


“All super-rich clubs, including Real and Barca, have the same problem: they cannot get rid of a player unless their salary is increased. PSG decided to take a barbaric approach in such a situation. Not only will they organize special trainings for them, but they will have to use different locker rooms and will not have access to the parking lot. “Brutally,” claims Relano.

“It is a new example of institutional abuse that football accepts with hated naturalness. I do not know how this will end or what will happen with the lawsuit against Neymar, which will certainly happen, but PSG is shooting itself in the leg. To have the status he wants, he needs moral greatness.

Former Real president Santiago Bernabeu has always nurtured that and it is a hallmark of the club. “PSG is far from Real in terms of tradition and trophies, and even further in terms of corporate decency.”