Neymar: Where after PSG…interesting options

Neymar and PSG can part ways and fellow countryman Edmundo Alves de Souza Neto has thought to give him an advice about the future team. Perhaps remembering those six months, from January to June 2001, spent in that very club and that city.

“After PSG, the ideal team would be Napoli. I played there for six months, a fantastic experience, a very beautiful place and a passionate fanbase. It would be fantastic to see Neymar in Napoli and in Italy”, said Edmundo for Wall Esporte.

Regarding the problems at PSG, the Brazilian has been clear: too many chickens in one coop. “The club did not need to take Messi, when you have Mbappe and Neymar; you need to activate all three now.

“Neymar’s performances were not very good last season, maybe the president thinks to solve the problem by selling him. It was natural for Neymar to win what Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won, but over time, at Barcelona.

“Newcastle? It is a small and cold town. If he has difficulty adapting in Paris, he would not be very happy at Newcastle.” While Napoli has many similarities with Barcelona, ​​Neymar’s first European team.