STORY THAT MUST READ: The day Pablo Escobar seized Menotti and made him a special offer


It takes courage to turn down an important offer. But it takes even more courage when talking about offers that really can’t be refused. And not in the economic aspect of the matter.

However, even in front of a man like Pablo Escobar, the biggest drug trafficker in the world, there is someone who is not afraid at all.

Although El Patron may have been one of the most powerful and ruthless men on the planet, El Flaco Cesar Luis Menotti is certainly not one to take orders on what he should or shouldn’t do. And as the Mexican journalist Christian Martinoli has confessed, in the end everything went well.


Martinoli has told the story of Escobari’s attempt to convince Menotti to leave Barcelona in 1983. He did it a while ago on journalist David Medrano’s YouTube channel, turning the clock back to 1983.

At the time, Flaco, the world champion coach with Argentina in 1978, had just agreed to manage Maradona and Schuster’s Barcelona, ​​but someone wanted him for his team: El Patr on, one of who are usually not told no.


The journalist has shown that on a Saturday evening two men approached Menotti, explaining that their boss wanted to meet him for dinner. After the coach refused, they asked him when the next training was. The answer was on Monday morning.

The two promised Menotti that he would be back on Monday and drove him all the way to Colombia to Pablo Escobar’s mansion, of course covering his face so he couldn’t see the way to dinner, after talking for a while long for football, El Patron has put a contract on the table:

“This letter is for you, put the number you want and come and run Nacional.” or more precisely Escobar’s team, one of the most important in South America. Menotti’s response? It’s not what he expected, explained Martinoli:

“You are a man who has many dreams, but so am I. And for now, my dream is to manage Barcelona. I believe you will understand.”

The fact that the Argentine has returned unscathed to Barcelona is proof that El Patron has understood. And appreciated Flaco’s sincerity…