First he left Shakira, and now Pique has been hit by an even bigger crisis!


The defender of Barcelona, ​​Gerard Pique, is going through the most difficult period of his life.

As it was already known a few weeks ago, Pique confirmed that he is no longer in a relationship with the famous singer Shakira and that they broke up after 12 years of relationship.

Pique and Shakira have two sons together, and allegedly everything fell apart after she found out that the Barcelona player had cheated on her with another woman.

The veteran player is in a major crisis after the break-up as he fights to stop Shakira from taking the children to Miami and hopes to stay in Barcelona so he can see them regularly.

However, that is not the only problem Pique has faced. He started preparations for the new season with Barcelona this week, but he was not greeted with very good news there either.


Namely, Xavi explained to Pique that he will not be in the foreground in the new season and that he will most likely be a backup option. His place in the team will be taken by Andreas Christensen, who will play alongside Ronaldo Araujo.

In addition to problems at the club, Pique also has problems in business. Spanish police are investigating a case of collusion between Pique’s company and La Liga over the decision to host the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, and are investigating whether Pique illegally received more money than expected.