Ten Haag introduces order and discipline, five strict rules for United players!


Eric Ten Haag has taken over Manchester United. The famous English Premier League player in recent seasons is far from his best days with Sir Alex Ferguson, so several times it was mentioned a big change in the club culture that the Dutch expert should implement.

The Mirror reports that The Hague has introduced five strict rules for the Manchester club’s players. Before leaving for a two-and-a-half-week tour of Thailand and Australia, Ten Haag told the players that “they will pay a heavy price if they break the rules,” the British media reported, comparing him to Ferguson in terms of discipline.

First, he said that if he found out, anyone who released classified information to the public would be expelled. The second rule refers to lateness, that is, regardless of the status, the player who does not arrive on time for training or a meeting will be excluded from the team.


United players will not be allowed to drink alcohol during the week in which they have a match in order to be as fit as possible, which is the third rule. The fourth concerns the diet, which Ten Hague wants to have under control, so he emphasized that he wants the same chefs to prepare the meals, and not for the players to have their own staff.

The Mirror claims that Ten Hague has completely changed the list of dishes that will be served at the training center, with an emphasis on fish and vegetables, which were significantly less than before. Each player will receive a meal plan and have their body mass index checked once a month.

Ten Hague’s fifth and final rule, or rather advice, is for players to contact him personally if they have a problem rather than talking to agents.