The purge has begun in Paris, an entire PSG team is up for sale!


Paris Saint-Germain are trying to complete a deal for Skrinijar, the latest offer is 65 million plus bonuses for the Slovakian, and it looks like Inter will agree. The excellent stopper could be the second reinforcement of the French champion after Vigna from Porto, who was paid around 40 million.

“Saints” have so far sold the Polish goalkeeper Bulka for several million to Nice, another goalkeeper Areola was bought by West Ham for ten million, and Angel Di Maria, Xavi Simmons left the club as free agents, while Colin Dagba ended up on loan in Strasbourg .

But the real work is yet to begin, new director Luis Campos has compiled a list of players who can leave, and coach Galtier is not counting on them.

There are as many as 11 players on the list, which shows that the Parisians are preparing a real revolution.

Not all of them will leave, they have huge salaries and it is clear that they will not give up the money, even if it means not playing a single minute of the entire season.


On that list are established names like Wijnaldum, Drexler, Gaye, Ander Herrera, Icardi, Paredes, Carrera, Danilo Pereira, but also Diallo, Ebimba, Kurzawa, who got few chances and have strong contracts.

It’s a real sale, but it won’t be easy. So, for example, Juventus wants Paredes, but they would either trade him for Rabiot, or take him on loan. PSG offered Kerer as part of the Skrinijar deal, but Inter do not need the German, and neither does Diallo. Wijnaldum could return to the island, but there is no way even in Newcastle to take such a large salary from his former club, and it is interesting that last summer Danilo Pereira was bought for 16 million euros from Porto, and now he is not considered.

It is interesting to see the salaries of those on the departure list. Wijnaldum has close to 10 million, Icardi slightly more than that amount. Herrera and Paredes have eight each, Drexler 7, Gaye 6.5, Kere and Kurzawa 4.5 each, Pereira 2 million…

Now it’s clear why no one wants to leave…