It’s getting funny: They are convincing Ronaldo to move to – Arsenal!


the ritan journalist Piers Morgan doubts that the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo still wants to play for the “red devils”.

The Portuguese is not with United’s pre-season squad, reportedly for “personal reasons”, but behind it all Ronaldo is believed to be already thinking and working on his next transfer.

“We were in contact, I think it is unlikely that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to wear the United shirt next season. I think he’s ready in his head to move on,” Morgan told TalkSPORT and added:


“I think he feels that the structure of the club is not right. “Ronaldo has respect for the new coach, but it is unclear in which direction United will go now with him.”

Morgan, who is a big Arsenal fan, claims he convinced him to move to Arsenal.

“Arsenal fans should know that I am doing everything in my power to convince him to come to Arsenal,” Morgan said.