Ronaldo’s “darkest” secret is now public


Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret revealed, he does the same for his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez…

Cristiano Ronaldo (37) injects botox in his genitals! Shocking information about one of the best football players of today.

In the text of a reputable newspaper, they explain that “he is also doing this because of his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.” Allegedly, he injects this substance in his face and in another, more intimate part of his body.

“Cristiano found a new routine to keep his “eternal youth”. While many credit his great body and physique to exercise, a special regimen, genetics, some innovations in the medical world also help him. Thanks to this, his muscles are young and healthy. It’s no secret that he uses plastic surgery, he’s had several treatments so far,” the text says.


“Ronaldo also uses botox for his genitals. Thanks to this, the penis grows by one to three centimeters and it is something that is also used by actors in adult films to make everything look bigger on stage.”

At the end, they also mentioned his girlfriend Georgina.

Thanks to that, the satisfaction of the partner of the person who uses Botox also increases. In this case it’s Georgina Rodriguez.”