Bombshell from Catalonia: Xavi wants Messi back at Barca


Crazy summer in Barcelona, ​​and the next one could be even crazier.

The newspaper Sport, one of the two traditional Catalan sports dailies (the one slightly less favorable to the administration) launched an exclusive tonight: coach Xavi asked the president Joan Laporta to bring him Leo Messi! Next summer, when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires…

Last summer, Messi left Barcelona behind closed doors in an unpleasant way after 20 and a half years at the club. The then administration led by Josep Bartomeu failed to secure conditions for the Argentine to stay at the club, and they were also unfair to him and tried to damage his reputation among the fans. The return of Joan Laporta at the helm did not help as the damage was already done and Barcelona could no longer retain their symbol due to the terrible business policies of Bartomeu and others.

Messi left for PSG and it seemed that the great story in Barcelona was over for all time. Although the first season did not bring the “Saints” the much-coveted Champions League trophy, the club openly admitted that the arrival of Messi has multiple benefits and that the club has huge marketing and financial benefits. Already during the season, they offered him an extension of the contract that expires in the summer of 2023, but there was no response.

And Xavi sees Barcelona’s chance there!

The coach of Barca believes that Messi can still give a lot even though he is now 36 years old. Both on the ground and financially institutionally. In the first season without Messi, Barcelona was left without a trophy, played poorly, hardly scored goals and for a certain period was in serious risk of qualifying for the Champions League.

Xavi’s arrival on the bench lifted the team and the management made risky moves this summer in order to financially stabilize the club. Despite the large debts and claims, Barca managed to complete an attractive transfer window and bring in Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha, Franck Kesi, Andreas Christensen, and is currently fighting with Chelsea for the transfer of Gilles Cunde from Sevilla. There is money now, but it is necessary for the results to be better and for Barca to be at the top of European football again in order to completely get out of the economic crisis.


Xavi believes that Messi can help in that field as well and that the return of the symbol of the “Camp Nou” will once again bring big money to Barcelona and raise its shaken reputation and status. Xavi has a great relationship with his former teammates and believes he knows how to continue his career and make the most of it on the field. The return of Messi and the end of his career at Barcelona would overshadow all the ugly things that happened the previous year and the infamous departure. Xavi believes that Messi’s experience, in addition to his quality, would be of great importance for the whole team, and the Argentine would not have any problems with adaptation, because he thinks in football the same way as the coach of the Catalans.

That’s why Xavi suggested to Laporta and the club’s secretariat to get busy and try to agree a transfer for next summer. As revealed by Sport, they took it very seriously and that is why Laporta’s words yesterday have additional meaning.

“I think, I hope and I wish that the chapter between Barcelona and Leo Messi is not over yet. I believe it is still open and it is our responsibility to do everything we can. “I personally owe that to Messi,” said Laporta.

For now, Messi is confident in Paris Saint-Germain, but from next summer everything is possible…