Laporta explained to everyone how Barca can buy so much!

The football club Barcelona was going through the most difficult period, and then Joan Laporta decided on risky radical moves.

As is known, Barça sold part of the TV rights for 25 years, while the company “Spotify” invested huge money to become the general sponsor and get the name of the stadium.

“We currently have a positive net profit. In about one month, we managed to earn about 650 million euros. We sold 25% of the TV rights to the league and thereby secured a significant income. The club is on the road to recovery and security. We are in a much better financial position thanks to the money we received and are yet to receive. In addition, we managed to pay off a 100 million euro loan from the Goldman bank,” confirmed Laporta.

Now it remains for Barca to further relieve the budget with players that Xavi does not count on, namely – Oscar Mingeza, Samuel Umtiti, Ricky Pudge, Martin Braithwaite, Neto, Miralem Pjanic, who will surely leave the club by the end of the summer, probably Memphis Depay and Frankie de Jong leave as well, who have big salaries, and the club can earn the most from them.

Robert Lewandowski, Rafinha, Andreas Christensen and Franck Kesi arrived in Barca, and confirmation of the transfer of Gilles Cunde is expected soon.

Admittedly, a dream summer at the most difficult time for the club.