Messi and Barca together again, the first step taken


Joanne Laporta plays with the imagination of fans, it’s not the first time, but now things are getting more serious, because Veronica Brunati has also announced.

She is by far the most reliable Argentine journalist, who often “broke the internet” and was the first to convey the most reliable information when it comes to players from Argentina.

After the words of Joan Laporta, who said the other day that the story of Messi and Barca is not over, Veronica Brunati did not deny the possibility of a return, which was more than enough to “burn” all the forums of fans of the Catalan. club.

“To follow up on what I said on Saturday (when she relayed Joan Laporta’s statement and the admission of the mistake by releasing Leo): Barca have not yet started negotiations with Messi and his representatives. But Barca took the first step – they admitted that getting rid of Leo was a mistake. Now they will try to bring him back in 2023, to finish his career in Barca,” said Veronica Brunati.


Those who follow her know that she was the first to put an end to the rumors without cover and that she is “happy” to deny the nonsense. She hasn’t done that this time, at least not yet, which gives Barca fans hope again.

Catalan Sport, prone to sensationalism, first broke the story, and following up on Sunday, Gerard Romero, the man who raised insider journalism to a level even above Fabrizio Romano, also challenged the fans.

“I saw what Sport wrote and I cannot confirm that I have information on that topic. But I can say that I know that Xavi and Messi are in constant contact. “If Xavi insists on Messi coming next summer, then we have to wait and see what happens,” said Romero.

Will we see the “Last Dance” and Messi at Barca once again in the 2023/24 season?