Higuain: I will not forget my friend’s words, 5 seconds behind the keyboard destroy a life


Despite approaching his 35th birthday, Gonzalo Higuain is in good form and continues to score goals for Inter Miami in the MLS.

The Argentinian striker has touched on various topics during his confession to TycSports, where he talks about his withdrawal from football and the insults and insults suffered by various players on social networks.

“I am in a great moment of form with Inter Miami, I feel as light as when I played in the park as a child. When you’re mentally fit, you can go back and do anything, even a lot of goals.

The attraction? A teammate of mine always told me that you should retire from football and not football from you. “You have to stop while you’re still in shape.”

Brutal criticism and bullying have changed me: I was first praised and then almost insulted for missing a few goal chances. All this creates imbalance at the psychological level.


If you experience a negative moment on the field and face insults on the road, if you dare to react, the consequences are twofold.

In countries like Italy and Argentina, football is experienced without the slightest balance: people think that the life of a footballer is easy, but in reality it is entirely conditioned by the result. And that’s not right.

I lived in this unnatural state for 15 years and with the transition to MLS I decided to say goodbye.

We must understand that today we live in a time when 5 seconds behind the keyboard is enough to destroy someone’s life. “Personally, I no longer tolerate disrespect,” emphasized “El Pipita”.