Messi the best in history? Ronaldinho makes it simple: The best of his era


Ronaldinho played with Lionel Messi in Barcelona and knows well the skills and quality of the Argentine star.

In a statement for Eleven, the Brazilian legend, who has never hidden his admiration for “the flea”, answers in this way the question of whether the PSG player is the best in the history of football.

“It is difficult to say that Messi is the best in history, as there are other great footballers. I don’t like to make comparisons.

Maradona, Pele, there are many great players, each of them was the greatest in his era”, Ronaldinho declares.

Then a comment about Barcelona, which with Xavi on the bench and a quality market has returned to play well and win.

“Barca has a great coach and fantastic players. There are also young talents, the team has everything to return to the top”, declared one of the geniuses of the most beautiful ball game.