He was tired of money and huge attention from women – Former Manchester United player became a priest


Professional footballers’ careers can often end up being far from the most important side job in the world, ex-Manchester United and Norwich footballer Phil Mulrin is a case in point.

Phil Mulryn was once Manchester United’s great hope. He played for the youth selections from 1992 to 1996, and then he signed in the first team at the request of Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, he only played one game for the Red Devils first team. He went to Norwich where he played standard, then played for Cardiff and several lower leagues, ending his career in 2008.

He retired at the age of 31. He lost his love for football and points out that neither money nor the women who ran around him brought him happiness.

“It’s hard for me to say when I really decided that I didn’t want to live that kind of life anymore. It was probably the last season at Norwich. I was not satisfied with the way I was living”, said Mulrin and continued.

“I had a wonderful life as a football player and I had many privileges. However, certain things did not fulfill me. I was not happy even though I had everything a young man wants”.


The former football player explained how he decided to fully dedicate himself to religion and become a priest.

“I started researching religion. As a child I was a big believer and when I came home after my career ended, there was a turning point.”

“I did a lot of volunteering at the homeless shelter. I started going to mass, I prayed regularly and I felt complete fulfillment. There are many ups and downs in football, but only faith showed me the purpose of existence. ”

He does not regret for a second that he got rid of football in his prime and became a priest.

“I felt a strong desire for this way of life. I did a lot of research, made a decision and here I am after eight years”, said Phil Mulrin.