The urban legend of six fingers, the Mexican goalkeeper: “I am being persecuted, the truth was different…”


Guillermo Ochoa landed on the planet of Serie A and immediately grabbed the headlines with two truly superlative performances for Milan and Torino before Salernitana’s debacle against Atalanta. The 8 goals conceded in Bergamo by the grenades slightly overshadowed the initial games after his arrival in the Italian championship, when the expert Mexican goalkeeper made 18 saves and immediately became the idol of the fans thanks to his leadership and interventions.
The goalkeeper has landed in Italy for his fifth European adventure after playing in Ligue 1 with Ajaccio, La Liga with Malaga and Granada and in Belgium with Standard Li├Ęge. His 37 years did not prevent him from accepting the challenge proposed by the Italian club and leaving for the umpteenth time from Club America, a team of which he is a true symbol.
For years, a legend has swirled around Ochoa regarding the shape of his hand, according to which the Mexican goalkeeper has a hand with six fingers, which would give him an advantage when making saves.
It all started in 2014, when he played for the first time in a World Cup with Mexico as a starter and against Neymar’s Brazil he made a crazy play, giving the national team a precious point. At that moment the legend was born, according to which Ochoa would have saved everything thanks to the sixth finger.
Regarding this story, during an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper, Ochia responded with irony and perhaps silenced this story: “This story again! I’m being persecuted… It’s a joke, an urban legend! In Mexico on December 28th we celebrate something that is like April 1st, in newspapers and on TV.
Everyone makes jokes and says things that are not true. My secret is six fingers? Oh, if only it were like that, but there are only five, but well trained, of course,” said the Mexican goalkeeper. Ochoa accepted Salernitana’s challenge with great determination.
Mexico’s goalkeeper showed once again in the World Cup that he is still reliable and why not, he dreams of playing in the 2026 World Cup, which will be organized by his country, the USA and Canada.