Gerard Pique regretted leaving Shakira and desperately tried to get back together with her a month after the split


Former footballer Gerard Pique reportedly regretted breaking up with Shakira and desperately tried to win her back.

The star of Barcelona is said to have tried to get back with the singer a month after their separation.

As the Colombian pop star refused to come back, he started his new life with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti.
The claim comes from Univision’s Spanish journalist Jordi Martin, quoted by sources close to Shakira, reports Marca.

The journalist claims that sources close to the star said that the footballer decided to end their relationship in April last year.
But a month after he left the family home, he returned to the singer asking her to forget everything and get back together.


“Pique regretted leaving Shakira and decided to try again with her,” he said.
And Pique wasted no time moving on as he began dating PR student Clara Chia Marti.

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“I am told by Shakira’s relatives that they ended the relationship last April. A month later he repented and returned home, but it didn’t work out and they decided to separate completely. Clara already existed by then,” said the journalist.
He also claimed that the Colombian pop star, who had forgiven Pique in the past, didn’t do it this time as he knew Clara “wasn’t just another one”.