It was revealed how Ronaldo and Mendes quarreled, the Portuguese demanded the impossible from the super agent


The super agent Jorge Mendes, who took care of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career for more than two decades, has stopped working w ith the Portuguese since this winter, and the media is slowly starting to reveal the reasons for the separation.


Before finally parting ways, Mendes and Ronaldo had two more quarrels in the past that they managed to overcome.

The first big quarrel between the super agent and the footballer happened in 2018, when Mendes asked the Portuguese to stay at Real Madrid. But Ronaldo decided to leave Santiago Bernabeu and sign for Juventus.

The second quarrel was Ronaldo’s decision in 2022 to return to Manchester United. Mendes was against this idea because he felt that returning to Old Trafford would be a big mistake, which in the end it turned out to be.

However, the final separation between Ronaldo and Mendes came this winter. The Spanish media revealed that it broke with a message the footballer sent to his agent, which read:
“Give me a contract with Bayern or Chelsea or we end the story.”

Mendes’ answer was short:
“You are crazy”.

After this, Ronaldo decided to end his collaboration with Mendes and find a club on his own after leaving Manchester United.

Since he could not find a club in Europe to play with in the Champions League, he decided to sign the biggest contract in the history of football, with the Saudi Al-Nasr.

Ronaldo will earn an incredible 500 million dollars from Al-Nasr in the next two and a half years.