Haaland: I never thought it would be this good


Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has admitted that his first season in the Premier League has exceeded his expectations.

When Haaland arrived in the Premier League, many doubted whether he could score at the rate he had in the German Bundesliga.

Instead, the former Borussia Dortmund star has reached an even higher level, scoring 52 goals in 51 games for City this season.

“There are still two finals left, we have to stay focused even though we won the Premier League,” Haaland initially said.

“We have to stay focused to achieve what we can achieve in the next two finals. I will do everything I can to achieve good things in the final and I hope to win both.”


“It’s a good thing to be the favorite (against Inter), because it means that we have qualities, we have to attack the game in our way, play our football and in the end we will see who wins it.”

He also spoke about winning the “Player of the Year” award.

“I feel good, it’s a special moment. I expected to do good things, but I didn’t expect to do this,” the City star concluded.