Xavi revolted with Arsenal: They are not normal, they played as if it was a Champions League match

Arsenal and Barcelona played a spectacular match in the United States of America.

The victory went to the London team that triumphed in the spectacle with a score of 5-3.

But after the match, the coach of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, complained saying that he spoke to Mikel Arteta and told him that it was a friendly and not a Champions League match.

“I told their coach Mikel Arteta that they played as if this was a Champions League match and not a friendly.”

“The intensity with which they entered the match and played is not normal for a friendly match”, declared Xavi after the match.

Then the Catalan coach said that he understands that everyone wants to win, but that his team came to this challenge after a virus and it was very difficult.

“I fully understand that everyone wants to win, but for us this was only the first game in preparation and after the virus destroyed our team. That’s why this match was very difficult for us.”


“That’s why I was surprised by the enthusiasm with which Arsenal played the game. It is not normal for a friendly match, to have so many fouls and yellow cards”, declared the coach of Barcelona.

Arsenal committed 21 fouls to Barcelona’s 12, while three of the Londoners’ players were booked.